Wednesday, April 9, 2008


The Set Up:

BGW and the regulars were at Sam's this Sunday having yet another of their famous Sunday Fundays. A group of lesbians walked in the door. They were having a good time. They caught BGW's eye.

The BOBBED Quote:

BGW: "C, I'm glad you ain't no butch. I mean, I couldn't look at you the same if you were."

C: "Ok."

BGW: "But let me ask you this...if you were butch, what would you do? Really, what would you do?"

C: "Date really hot chicks."

BGW: "Good point. I want to do a study on them."

The T&A Truck Stop in Teays Valley

The Set Up:

This week the ball park in town opened up. It is Charleston's greatest outdoor bar. It was 2 for Tuesday. PG, DT, and I had too much fun. We ended up at a Truck Stop in Teays Valley. However, we called TH to see if she wanted to go with us. PG did the talking.

The BOBBED Quote:

PG: "It's a Truck Stop, but really it's a nice place."