Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The Set Up

None necessary! Just know that it is PG and Al at 4 in the morning at a friend's house in Virginia. You can only imagine. Idiots! Listening to it makes me more of an idiot, but I can't stop myself.

The Bobbed Video/More of a Soundtrack

Monday, January 14, 2008

Awesome Fury

The Set Up

We all know that mixing new groups of people together can be fun, but can also cause anxiety. This particular BOBBIN took place and caused anxiety rather than fun. Nonetheless, the quote that came from the incident is funny! Once again, we were at The Cold Spot, eating wings, drinking beer, playing friendly trivia. To make a long story short, one individual asked another individual if she happened to be autistic and then tried to cover it up with the word artistic. It didn't go over well, at all.

The BOBBED Quote


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

You've Been Served

The Set Up
Due to the latest story about the boyfriend in Texas who killed his girlfriend and then cooked her up in a pot, a few of us have been left pondering the question, if my boyfriend/girlfriend were to slaughter me, exactly how would I prefer to be prepared?? Here are some of the responses. Do you have a preference?

Bobbed Quote
C: I would prefer to be pan seared with garlic, basil, and a nice reduction sauce, served with a smashed potato or asparagus, and a nice light spinach salad.

BK: Deep friend and dipped in chipolte ranch. Though I believe that C would most likely throw some Lawry's Season Salt on me and toss me on the grill until medium rare.

KK: Country friend or BBQ'd.

HL: Broiled or grilled.

KCJW: Bbqued & served on a bun w/ a side of slaw. Please note that this is an entirely plausible question for me, as my husband is trying to quit the cigarettes. Slaw, J. it's all about the slaw.

SM: I can't believe I am answering this, but... I think I'd like to be flash grilled mid-rare and served over a bed of fresh, Morgan County watercress, drizzled with a little of T's amazing port wine reduction, and accompanied by a nice glass of Potomac Highlands Chamborcin.

JW: Grilled, wrapped around scallops. With some lemon. And a Lucky Labrador EIPA.

CC: No crock pot, but a stew would probably make me nice and tender!

KF: With loads of tomato and garlic. Honestly I don't really care how you prepare me, just as long as people say "Eh, she tastes like chicken".

DT: Ummm, I'd have to go with braised. You know, like brisket. That's really what I am. Second choice would be breaded and pan-fried like a cube steak. My guts would make the most AMAZING gravy!

HL (revised): You know, I previously said grilled or broiled. Having given it a little more thought, and having eaten lunch at Sitar today, I'd be okay with crock-pot style, or even microwaved, provided I was slathered in "red" (i.e., hot onion chutney).

DT (in response to HL's revision): Just burped. Reflexive reaction to chutney. Not a bad one, but there it is. Perhaps I could be ground and fried in a tandoor oven as daan, the new Indian naan?