Friday, December 12, 2008

Is That All it Takes?

C: "You know, there's nothing like 2 feet of wood to make you feel powerful."

Here's a mental picture. C standing right behind the bar with hands on hips in the power stance....classic!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Well...I'm At A Loss For Words

The Set Up: Sometimes it isn't what is overheard being said. Sometimes it is what one is caught doing that will get you bobbed.

The Bobbin':

* Caption Contest!!!!!! Caption this pic!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Apparently Farting IS Illegal.

This whole story is why we have the Bob Book. Click here to read about the man in West Virginia who was arrested for farting!!!!

New Favorite Status Message

The Set Up:

Everyone knows what a status message is. During the work week, a number of us have or up and running. Both applications feature the beautiful thing called the status message. The following status message made me laugh so hard I drooled.

The Bobbin':
BK: had an email from Women's Health inquiring, "Do You Know Enough About Your Vagina?" Thinks she does."

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The Set Up:

A crew from Charleston went to watch CO spank WVU last week. It was a sad, sad ending. Nonetheless, the following text message conversation took place between CO and WV.


DB: Hippies. Hippies everywhere. Everywhere I look I see hippies!!!!!

C: You are in Colorado; what the fuck did you expect?!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


The Set Up:

KevBar is one of our watering hole's bartenders. He has a litany of nicknames that he has been given. Some good, some not so good. Nonetheless, they are his.


DB: Hey Cuz, let me have another beer.

BGW: Yeah, KevBar, hook me up too.

KB: Cuz, KevBar, Kevin, Bar God, everyone calls me something different.

C: I call you, "Hey bitch, poor me another shot." I wasn't joking. Poor me another shot!

KB: Yes, ma'am. By the way, that was a good one.

Toilet Water

The Set Up:

Unfortunately a dear friend of The Bob Book is in the hospital for kidney stones. She is also a diabetic which can complicate anything that has to do with the kidney region. She is in a shit ton of pain and will be undergoing surgery sometime today to help pass the stones. Last night she had visitors at the hospital. Her doctor was there as well.

The Bobbing:

Doc: "I was paged in the O.R. earlier today. The nurse said I had a patient that screamed, 'If you don't give me something to drink, a piece of ice, something, I'm gonna drink the god damn toilet water!' Gee, P, I didn't realize it was you."

P: "God damn, I'm so embarrassed."

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

6 Degrees of Separation

The Set Up:

A good friend of mine from growing up sent me an instant message yesterday. He has recently signed up for a facebook account, and was hit up by several people at once to be his "friend." When looking at their profiles, most everyone, even people not from Charleston, were already friends with me. What can you say, I'm kind of a big deal. Anway, the following was BOBBED.
The BOBBED Quote:
"You are the Kevin Bacon of facebook!"

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cowboy Troy Takes Ride On The Soul Train

The Set Up

A man who deeply resembles Cowboy Troy walks in to a bar. He orders a drink and begins making small talk with some of the regulars. He's from Mingo county and talks like he has a mouthful of shit. But I digress. The studly bar manager says to the bartender, "Cuz, shots for you, me, C, BGW, and Hibzzzz!" Cuz does as he is told...

The Bobbin'

Cowboy Troy: "Hey, man, what about me?"
Bar Manager: "What about you?"
Cowboy Troy: "Don't I get a shot?"
Bar Manager: "This ain't Soul Train. You can't just jump on whenever you want!"

Friday, May 16, 2008

Meeting Chicks At The Men's Shelter

The Set Up:

This conversation actually just happened....I'm dying here. This particular child is thrown out of the house regularly. No one knows if he is really being thrown out or if the events are happening inside his head. It really is sad, but this was just too funny.

The Bobbed Quote:

J (a rather slow child): Yeah, C, I got thrown outta my house
again last night. Not sure where I'm gonna go this time.

C: That sucks, J. Why don't you go to the men's shelter?

J: (Angry) That totally defeats the point. How am I suppose to meet girls at
the men's shelter?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


The Set Up:

BGW and the regulars were at Sam's this Sunday having yet another of their famous Sunday Fundays. A group of lesbians walked in the door. They were having a good time. They caught BGW's eye.

The BOBBED Quote:

BGW: "C, I'm glad you ain't no butch. I mean, I couldn't look at you the same if you were."

C: "Ok."

BGW: "But let me ask you this...if you were butch, what would you do? Really, what would you do?"

C: "Date really hot chicks."

BGW: "Good point. I want to do a study on them."

The T&A Truck Stop in Teays Valley

The Set Up:

This week the ball park in town opened up. It is Charleston's greatest outdoor bar. It was 2 for Tuesday. PG, DT, and I had too much fun. We ended up at a Truck Stop in Teays Valley. However, we called TH to see if she wanted to go with us. PG did the talking.

The BOBBED Quote:

PG: "It's a Truck Stop, but really it's a nice place."

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Suppository or The Laxative


C's 4th block class is filled with primarily boys that she has had in class before. Frequently you can find C eavesdropping on conversations that she probably shouldn't be listening to at all. This is a quote that came from one of those moments. It was said and then displayed as a GMail Status.


C: was recently quoted as saying, "you aren't going to put something up your butt if you can't get anything out of your butt to begin with." -was explaining the difference between a laxative and a suppository to a fourth block student. -also wishes that the boys in 4th Block would quit farting.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


The Set Up:

Sunday Fun Day. The Cold Spot. Multiple Pitchers. NTN Trivia. Conversations about the monthly visitor of women. The men at the table made a gross generalizaton about the correlation between woman being bitchy and their periods.

The Bobbed Quote:

C: I don't need my period to be a bitch. I'm a bitch all the time. PMS. I AM MY OWN SYNDROME!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The Set Up

None necessary! Just know that it is PG and Al at 4 in the morning at a friend's house in Virginia. You can only imagine. Idiots! Listening to it makes me more of an idiot, but I can't stop myself.

The Bobbed Video/More of a Soundtrack

Monday, January 14, 2008

Awesome Fury

The Set Up

We all know that mixing new groups of people together can be fun, but can also cause anxiety. This particular BOBBIN took place and caused anxiety rather than fun. Nonetheless, the quote that came from the incident is funny! Once again, we were at The Cold Spot, eating wings, drinking beer, playing friendly trivia. To make a long story short, one individual asked another individual if she happened to be autistic and then tried to cover it up with the word artistic. It didn't go over well, at all.

The BOBBED Quote


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

You've Been Served

The Set Up
Due to the latest story about the boyfriend in Texas who killed his girlfriend and then cooked her up in a pot, a few of us have been left pondering the question, if my boyfriend/girlfriend were to slaughter me, exactly how would I prefer to be prepared?? Here are some of the responses. Do you have a preference?

Bobbed Quote
C: I would prefer to be pan seared with garlic, basil, and a nice reduction sauce, served with a smashed potato or asparagus, and a nice light spinach salad.

BK: Deep friend and dipped in chipolte ranch. Though I believe that C would most likely throw some Lawry's Season Salt on me and toss me on the grill until medium rare.

KK: Country friend or BBQ'd.

HL: Broiled or grilled.

KCJW: Bbqued & served on a bun w/ a side of slaw. Please note that this is an entirely plausible question for me, as my husband is trying to quit the cigarettes. Slaw, J. it's all about the slaw.

SM: I can't believe I am answering this, but... I think I'd like to be flash grilled mid-rare and served over a bed of fresh, Morgan County watercress, drizzled with a little of T's amazing port wine reduction, and accompanied by a nice glass of Potomac Highlands Chamborcin.

JW: Grilled, wrapped around scallops. With some lemon. And a Lucky Labrador EIPA.

CC: No crock pot, but a stew would probably make me nice and tender!

KF: With loads of tomato and garlic. Honestly I don't really care how you prepare me, just as long as people say "Eh, she tastes like chicken".

DT: Ummm, I'd have to go with braised. You know, like brisket. That's really what I am. Second choice would be breaded and pan-fried like a cube steak. My guts would make the most AMAZING gravy!

HL (revised): You know, I previously said grilled or broiled. Having given it a little more thought, and having eaten lunch at Sitar today, I'd be okay with crock-pot style, or even microwaved, provided I was slathered in "red" (i.e., hot onion chutney).

DT (in response to HL's revision): Just burped. Reflexive reaction to chutney. Not a bad one, but there it is. Perhaps I could be ground and fried in a tandoor oven as daan, the new Indian naan?